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“Julie offers keen insights into the world of homeschooling as well as great encouragement on moving forward. Recognizing each family brings a different mix to the table is super helpful.”

~ Sarah, veteran homeschooling mom of 4


Discover how Beyond Curriculum can make your choice to homeschool an easier one!


What Makes Beyond Curriculum So Different?

When it comes to homeschool podcasts, you can practically guarantee 2 things: (1) the host will be teaching  the use of a particular curriculum, method or system for homeschooling, and (2) it will be in an interview format. Not Beyond Curriculum. Every episode of the podcast is designed in a documentary style that inspires you to enhance what you are already doing for even better results.

Homeschool parents accept enormous responsibility for their children’s future while facing a lot of criticism and little support. I create podcast episodes, blog posts, and other resources that keep you encouraged and grow your skills regardless of the curriculum you use. Together, we will climb out of the traditional education box so we can train our children with confidence and peace of mind.

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What Are Homeschoolers Saying About Beyond Curriculum?

the right perspectives on homeschooling
We are in the beginning stages of homeschooling, and this podcast so far has given us some great insight into developing the right perspectives, both for ourselves and for instilling in our kids. Added bonus that the content is also presented in interesting and creative ways.

~Laura, new homeschool mom of 4


many perspectives in one show
I have listened to many homeschooling podcasts and they usually center around a 1-1 interview style. That’s fine and definitely serves a purpose, but can also limit the scope a bit. Your approach allows you to showcase many perspectives in one podcast. It was different and fresh.

~ Traci, veteran homeschool mom of 3

super fun and creative podcast
I’m loving all of your podcasts by the way!!¬†They are super fun and well done!

~ Cassidy, grown homeschool student